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  1. geekdiggy

    vegan recipes are such a pain in the ass

  2. Jamie Cee49

    Too many ingredients for me. But looks really yummy. 😊

  3. Paloma MacKenzie

    I came for the recipe and stayed for the chill dnb


    Nerds bickle "tiramisu" out of their chick beaks. Like a dweeb going boo boo boo boo.

  5. Alejandro Leyva

    You can not call tiramisu just because how it looks , is like make a roll with rice and chicken and call it sushi , Italian will kill you for this recipe lol hahaha , coconut? A Mediterranean dessert made with a tropical fruit ? I’m not against vegan food , I am a chef and I respect the way every person want to eat , but exist history and culture of the food for one reason , respect the tradition and the ingredients of signature dishes . You are vegan and want taste tiramisu , I’m sorry but what are you taking with cheak peas and coconut milk is not tiramisu , however , I’m just saying there are recipes you can not change for respect to the food and the history , but respect is something that is hard to see in these times . P.d good innovation it looks good

  6. Camila

    i cant get half of those ingredients

  7. Emma Cheney

    I made this but it turned green, I searched all over the internet for answers, but couldn’t find anything, any idea why?

  8. Ceci Estrada

    soy el like 10,000!!!!!!

  9. Pati VG

    Which cookies were used?

  10. daehe nim

    Why did it show only two layers of lady fingers in the making but the final result had 3?

  11. Riya Gundu


  12. Girija Nagpal

    dang it, its rlly good

  13. Eduardo Camargo

    Can you make vegan milk

  14. Vau Rien

    Adding water to the espresso though

  15. Aleksandra Głuch

    wtf is kosher salt?

  16. Sarah Spector

    Some dnb in the background 👀

  17. marryinchains

    Your shop is not vegan and i was only looking for the written recipe 🙁 disappointing

  18. Vera Tkocz

    Too much coconut flavour. I did one tofu-based with vegan butter. That was delicious!


    wow …when this is served no one can tell the difference if it' s vegan or not

    great recipe thanks

  20. Caterina Clemenza

    Too much water in the coffee. Biscuits should be brown.

  21. AÏCHA

    Did anyone try this? I want some feedback of how it tastes 🙂

  22. MrFluero

    The last time which I had Tiramisu was 7 years ago when I was vegetarian, now i am vegan so nowhere can't find to buy and is one of my favorite cakes. However keep going and we are getting better 🙂

  23. The Explorers

    life saver

  24. Schokoladenmotorboot

    Sooo i made the biscuits from this vid and i don't know what went wrong, because i did follow the instructions. but they completely melted in the oven (i did chill the biscuits before baking!). I suppose there was too little flour in the batter. The biscuits turned out completly flat 🙁 But i will try this recipe again, next time with more flour and maybe more chill time? I don't know. Also because the batter literally melted in the oven, and the biscuits turned out so flat, the baking time was way shorter, than recommended in the video. Next time i will also try to turn the heat up, but let them bake a shorter amount of time. But i still love the effort that went into creating this video. Did anyone else try this recipe?

  25. Aleksandra Sokolova

    I need this

  26. Franca Macaione

    Ok, I just tried it. I used an other kind of biscuits because I wanted to be sure that the cream was ok. Personally I find that the quantity of coco milk is too much, so I changed the doses. Btw, I finally did the tiramisù and as italian I can guarantee that it is AMAZING. The best recipe ever! I almost can't find any differences. Chapeau and thank you for sharing <3

  27. T Rich

    That looks delicious but it also looks like too much work🤐

  28. Houria

    What can I use instead of vegan butter? Coconut oil?

  29. hw dp

    This tastes great but if you are not a vegan Its not worth the hassle. The classic recipe with just lady fingers, mascarpone,coffee,few eggs,sugar and optionally some vanilla extract and alcohol (amaretto,wine,rum,brandy whatever you like best tbh) is just as good tbh.


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