Spring Dessert Recipes | Vegan + Healthy!


In this article are 3 easy + vegan dessert recipes that are excellent for spring! Complete recipes for these Lemon Poppyseed Power Bites, Lemon Bars, and Carrot Cake are joined underneath.
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  1. Jillian's Crazy Life

    oats aren't really gf i'm gf not celiac but i feel awful when i eat it and it doesn't bother me if its "gf" but they do bother a lot of people.

  2. Jillian's Crazy Life

    unless it says cane sugar w/out organic non gmo or un processed then powdered sugar is vegan oh and even if it doesn't then do your research and it might be vegan

  3. Sudharshini Vivek

    Hi I would like to try this lemon bars. One doubt though, do we have to soak the cashews in hot water for 4 hrs or the normal water is enough?

  4. Leah Kirk

    My lesson: reserve the cashew water. After I strained and blended the delicious lemony filing, the result was a thick paste.
    Delicious as lemon gelato, mind you.
    Next time: keep the extra liquid just in case

  5. Curtis H Avendaño

    Yes definitely the lemon bars,
    But I’ll have to make all these.

  6. Delfin Magayanez

    Queen of deserts!

  7. Milevia Ayman

    Who else is not vegan but still watching 🌚

  8. n. k.

    How do I know which powdered sugar is vegan?

  9. KV

    Made the carrot cake when this came out and now nearly a year later I'm making it again! Very good recipe!

  10. Leah w

    I'm about to make the lemon bars now but wanted to view the video first 😅

  11. lazy pea

    If you don't own a high speed blender you can make icing out of vegan butter and mix it with sugar and a little vanilla extract. It's so good! I soften my butter for 5 seconds in the microwave before adding the sugar and vanilla. 👍

  12. lazy pea

    The carrot cake was pretty good, but the batter was HEAVENLY 🙏 If I make it again I wouldn't cook it, just eat the batter raw.

  13. Mahelaqa Yousaf

    Can I use carrot cake batter for carrot cupcakes???

  14. John Paul Mago

    I seriously am amused by your videos! The dubbing is just so hilarious 😂 Plus the awesome recipes of course 🙄 😂

  15. John Paul Mago

    “Vegan obviously 🙄” 😂😂😂

  16. поля георгиева

    i tried the cake and it's not good,I PROBABLY DID SOMETHING WRONG.. MOST LIKELY

  17. Anneliese Long


  18. Kori Elaine

    Carrot cake is the best cake 😍

  19. ghavad gita

    fuck dude those vegan lemon bars

  20. Moon Light

    How many minutes should we bake the carrot cake for 🖤

  21. Sharon Bella

    Yum! great vegan desserts!

  22. Christopher Martin Del Campo

    Wow your creative

  23. Jaddy Rodrigues

    I have to say. As a brazilian, this carrot cake is… scary to say the least 😂

  24. Tiffany Valencia

    The lemon poppy seed bites are so good! I haven’t tried the other two but I’m going to!

  25. SarahPlays8

    Your carrot cake recipe looks really great, I think I'm gonna try it very soon 🙂 thanks for posting this!

  26. 1024specialkay

    those lemon energy bites look amazing!

  27. Ruby Warda

    What can I use instead of applesauce in the carrot cake? I’m allergic to apples. Thanks.

  28. Nellie VB

    My birthday is in May and carrot cake is my favorite! A vegan carrot cake is my one request for my birthday, I am an easy girl to please! Also, can't wait to try those lemon bars!


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