Easy Cassava Cake Recipe | Cassava Cake Using Fresh Cassava | How to Cook Cassava Cake


Cassava cake is a exclusive filipino moist cake designed from fresh new cassava , milk (condensed,evaporated or fresh) with a custard or caramel on top. Cassava cake recipe is normally made for merienda and is served in the course of specific festivals and events.
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Cassava cake components
500 grams/1/2 kg fresh Cassava
200 ml evaporated milk/fresh new milk
4 tablespoons white sugar

How to make cassava cake
Peel the cassava then scrape it.
Remove cassava juice
In a bowl, blend grated cassava, 2 tbsp sugar and evaporated milk. Combine well then set aside
In a mould/tin, set in 1 tbsp sugar. Established above heat until finally melted and golden in color.
Permit to amazing down and harden.
Pour the combination into geared up mold/tin
Steam in a pan for about 40-45 minutes
Remove from pan, let to cool down
Switch steamed cake more than on a plate
Cut in preferred condition
Serve and take pleasure in the delicious cassava cake

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  1. Cathy Burns

    I actually had this for the first time last week. Couldn't stop eating it! Delicious! Soooo moist, sweet and alittle chewy. Yummy! Thank you for sharing the recipe!! I am a new subscriber. Glad I found you!! ☺

  2. Islyn Mercurius

    Looks delicious I love the way you prepare the cassava I will prepare some thanks for sharing 😋

  3. BusinessGuru

    නියමයි 😃 සුභ පැතුම්

  4. Elizabeth M

    Super slow. Do we really need to see how to peel and grate a cassava?

  5. Mary jean Han

    Sarap naman

  6. ivy columbrillo

    Bat kilanagan pang pigaan d wala na lasa ng casava?

  7. Nichole Robinson

    Made this today. Pleasantly surprised at how great it turned out. Awesome taste 😃

  8. Rosalia Gerodias Harris

    Wow this is my favorite very delicious 😋 nice sharing my friend 👍

  9. Muelo

    Wonder if it would work with coconut milk too?

  10. maloi mahinay

    Thanks for sharing and making it simple 🙂

  11. Jaybob Axalan

    ang bagal mo ate .. tas ung background music mo not good po ate , sorry ate ha

  12. Beth PR

    👋 ! Can i bake the exact same recipe at 350F?

  13. Jenny’s American Life

    My favorite cassava

  14. Magda Indiaan

    I mix some raisins, almond nuts, pine apple,vanilla and almond essence.
    Blender small pieces is very easy, with some water and after than remove the liquit.

  15. Jessica Hernandez

    Mam ask ko lang po pag 6 pas po na kamote kahoy ilang evap po ang kailangan pakichat po sa messenger ko JESSICA HERNANDEZ PO MESSENGER KO

  16. unlocking potentials

    Nagutom aq bigla.

  17. Baby Mhe

    Pwde po yun light brown sugar ang gmitin ?

  18. Reese Carlos

    Nakakaantok yung 🎹🎶😴

  19. Suzia Bolman

    Looks very good. Must taste delicious. Can be cooked in the oven?

  20. decimer vlogs

    My pevorate food kasava

  21. Luzviminda De Guzman Copland

    L P R Kitchen thank you for the recipe of Cassava Cake I love it look delicious yummy

  22. Baby Mhe

    Pwde po ba red sugar or washed sugar gmitin

  23. Lorde Gison

    can i bake this recipe? temp.and how long?

  24. Christy Joy Baliscao

    Pwede po ba ibake ?

  25. Indra Agripin

    thank you i watched. i try sooner.

  26. Kimsai Monterde

    one of my favorite filipino food


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