Black Sambo Recipe | How to make Black Sambo Jelly


Black Sambo
1 pack(25g) Unflavored White Gelatin Powder
3 Cups Water
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1 cup warm water (for dissolving cocoa powder)
1 Big Can (370ml) Evaporated Milk
1 cup Sugar

1 pack (25g) Unflavore White Gelatin Powder
4 cups Water
1 Big Can (300ml) Condensed Milk
1 pack (250ml) All-purpose cream

TOPPINGS (Optional)
Two Tone Chocolate Droplets

1. Dissolve cocoa powder in warm water. Let it cool.
2. CHOCOLATE LAYER. In a pot dissolve gelatin powder and sugar in water. Add evaporated milk and chocolate mixture. Mix well. Turn on stove and stir over medium heat until it boils. Pour about half of the mixture into a heat proof mould. Let it cool to set.
3. WHITE LAYER. In a pot dissolve gelatin powder in water. Add condensed milk and all-purpose cream. Mix well. Turn on stove and stir over medium heat until it boils. Slowly pour mixture on top of chocolate layer. Let it cool to set. Top with two tone chocolate droplets or chocolate syrup. Chill before serving.

Yields: 18 ice cream cups and 3 medium size Llanera of Black Sambo

Cocoa Powder _____________________P25.00
Evaporated Milk (370ml) ____________P20.00
Condensed Milk (300ml)____________ P30.00
All-Purpose Cream (250ml)__________P49.50
2 pack (25g) Unflavored White _______P25.90
gelatin powder
Sugar ____________________________P20.00

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    Pwde po bang ricoa cocoa powder?

  4. Jahryl Ann Torre

    Kahit anong cocoa powder lang po??

  5. Genalyn Natividad

    Magkano po yung suggested price nong sa lanera na black sambo?

  6. Secretary Sales

    Bakit d nmn lo lumapot ung mixture sa 25 grams NA gelatin lang

  7. Simple Rose Junio

    yummy Thanks sharing po😍

  8. Ashley Felipe

    ask ko lang po, paano po ba di maghihiwalay yung dalawang layer ? gumawa kc ako nito kaya lang naghihiwalay sya .

  9. Mildred Chua

    Love it♥️thank you for sharing n posting your blacksambo recipe💖

  10. ariza tiu

    ung gelatin anu po name nun at san nbbli?

  11. ria delos santos

    How much po bentahan nyan

  12. Daddy_Francisco

    Don't call a black with an S-Word!

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    Is that 250ml circle tub?

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  17. Dag Gal

    Anong brand po ng gelatin ung ginamit nyo?

  18. Erlinda Rodriguez

    Anong brand ng cocoa powder ang ginamit mo po?

  19. Clarissa C. Perocho

    Yung cocoa po ba is unsweetened?

  20. nana gacha

    Magkano po puhunan?

  21. Chixsy Lady Vlog

    Thanks for sharing .. try ko rin ito pangnegosyo ko…napindot ko na lahat po.. stay con godbless

  22. Joan Rosario

    Pano po nagiging smooth ung chocolate layer magaspang po kasi nung gumawa ako..

  23. Jo Pinoy's Vlog

    Love it..thanks for sharing..hope see u around too..thanks..

  24. lanz aries satumbaga

    Bakit po kaya hindi dumikit yung cocoa and cream layers? Pls repky po. Gagawa po ako ulit para sa bday ko bukas. Thank youuuu

  25. Ella Villarico

    ano pong brand ng cocoa powder? pwede po ba yung ordinary cocoa powder lang?

  26. riana tricia castillanes

    Bakit hindi tumigas yung white layer ko? 😭and the choco layer 😭

  27. Crislyn Plameran

    Bakit 16 na container lang po yung nagawa ko😔😔

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    1st view ☺👋

  29. Shanqui Malinao

    Pwede ba gumamit ng sweetened cocoa powder?

  30. Jegui Bar

    Hi po. Gumawa po nito following recipe. Ang problema po masyado pong watery ang cream jelly. Ano po kaya ang nangyari. Thank you po


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