AMAZING PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE | gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free


This paleo chocolate cake recipe is fluffy, light and ethereal. It is also unbelievably decadent, loaded and moist. It is the perfect dessert or birthday cake. You would in no way know it was gluten-no cost, grain-free of charge and dairy-cost-free…which can make it very darn astounding (and tasty). Delight in!

For the Total Paleo Chocolate Cake recipe:

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Elements & Items Stated:
Almond Flour:
Tapioca Flour:
Coconut Flour:
Espresso Powder:
Natural and organic Palm Shortening:
Coconut Sugar:
Raw Cacao Powder:
KitchenAid Stand Mixer:
Beater Blade:
8-Inch Cake Pans:

Usually IN MY Kitchen:
Counter Stools:
Vitamix Blender:
Tea Kettle:
Utensil Holder:
Flour Jars:
Knife Block:
Slicing Board:

WHAT I am Putting on
Sleeveless Best (very similar):
AG Denims:
Linen Apron:


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  1. Downshiftology

    Hi guys! This cake is by far the best paleo cake I've ever made (or eaten). But as luck would have it…on the day I filmed this video it was 90 degrees in SoCal and my air conditioner broke that morning! So the cake on the video isn't quite as pretty as the one on my blog because it was starting to melt in my hot kitchen. Lol. Make sure to click over to the blog for the full recipe and prettier photos. 😉 Enjoy! – Lisa xo

  2. marta B

    I thought palm oil/shortening was really bad?? Any subs?

  3. Rachel Sime

    Hey there, i made mine with erythritol came out super bitter when it was cool, is it cause coconut sugar is sweeter? also not sure why but mine dried up super fast, it didn’t stay moist, is there a trick to preventing this?

  4. Kar

    Can I use tapioca flour here? And also, is there a difference with tapioca flour and tapioca starch? Because i came from Asia, and in here there aren't a lot of gluten free flours availables. Sometimes the ones they gave me is tapioca starch and they're saying its the same w flour. Pls confirm.

  5. Joanna J

    Most of my adult life I’ve been in love with chocolate cake. I could honestly eat it for every meal the rest of my life. After being diagnosed with a few different autoimmune disorders I needed to go gluten free. This recipe is by far the best gluten free chocolate cake recipe on the planet. I’ve told my family when I die I’d like to be buried with a slice of this lol, that way if I don’t get into heaven, at least I’ll have a little slice of it with me for the rest of eternity wherever I do end up😂😂😂

  6. Ballet Pink

    Could I replace Tapioca flour with corn starch?

  7. Kam Bam

    I made this for my birthday it was really good!

  8. Third Eye Survivor

    But grains are good for you right??? This is a joke about how screwed up and creepy food companies are. You’d have no idea.

  9. uma rani

    Made this cake for a friend’s birthday , her family and kids loved it . Made 2 cakes and layered it .I loved it too , it was light , fluffy , airy , thank you Lisa Bryant for this amazing recipe. I adjusted the sugar in the frosting as per my taste.

  10. Teo D.

    I think we have the same birthday date! 😉

  11. Jesus y Reyna Urdaneta

    Best chocolate cake I have had the pleasure to do! Did I mention easy? No need to say is paleo or dairy free because nobody would notice! Thanks for this recipe!!!

  12. Mardwella Aaron


  13. Tracy Guenther

    Looks beautiful and delicious! Can't wait to try it.

  14. Rola Eadeh

    Can we use 2 8 inch pan plz

  15. Thalia Yered

    So annoying … :/

  16. Thalia Yered

    How do you know how much of each ingredient!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. Sleep Paralysis Demon

    I literally had to look up what paleo meant lol

  18. no yes

    do not have salt. can use iodized salt?

  19. David Livingstone

    This is a beautiful cake to eat. I am not a baker but I made it for my wife and it was easy to do. I watched the YouTube clip for both the cake and the frosting. It turned out so well, everyone loved it. So moist!! The stand mixer made it so easy:)

  20. Joshua Bell

    Hi Lisa
    So Grateful to find your recipe 💕
    My Son’s birthday today and he has friends coming for dinner
    This will look after all wanting something yummmy for dessert 🎂
    Bless you for all the trials and sharing this recipe with the world
    Cakes are out of the oven smells Amazing 🤩
    Thank You…. Thank You…. Thank You….
    Love and Blessings to You 💖

  21. december wolf

    I'm trying to imagine people eating chocolate cake in the paleolithic era


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