5-ingredient DESSERTS to impress » vegan + easy


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❤ Sadia
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  1. Pick Up Limes

    Apparently this is PUL’s 100th video 🎉 Fitting to be celebrating with some dessert 🤤 Which do you want to try first?

  2. Shruti Srinivasan

    Lovely 😍

  3. Balanced Lavender

    thank you

  4. Leigh G.

    that ice cream looks aweful!

  5. Rabia K

    I love it I will try it

  6. Anjana Regi Alex

    I've made the brownie recipe too many times I can't even keep count! LOVE how good simple and delicious they are every single time!!!

  7. Nora Yogini

    0:26 I tried this and it was delicious!! Just make sure you give poor servings, because it's quite filling. But the cacao! 😍

  8. Esther B.

    A month ago i thought vegan sweets are not delicious. But my mom and i change our eating and she makes little balls with nuts and a cherry in the inside. Without sugur. Just cacoa puder, agave syrup, dates and almonds. it tastes extremely good, and one scoop a day is more than filling.
    I Love it and we will try this super sweets as well! Have a great day:)

  9. C e c i

    2:46 lol that would be me ✌️ those would be gone because chocolate is amazing

  10. Karamjit Singh

    Will definitely give the brownies a try. They look yummy.

  11. R Khan

    Looks amazing! Can I substitute pecan nuts with any other nut? Thanks xx

  12. Laura b

    Amazing work :-))

  13. kujtime Ajro maizi

    Can I use gluten free oat meal ?

  14. CeNedra Lea Heldra

    The crumbled is the best.

  15. F B

    Can u do no sugar diet? No sugar dessert? Tashakur 🙂

  16. girlperson100

    Can I make the crumble in a cast iron ?

  17. Deepam Ayurveda Panchakarma centre

    you know what ur smile is addictive…

  18. Pooja gupta

    Tried the brownies ! They were amazing! Thankyou for the recipe

  19. louise lavoie

    OMG these brownies are amazing !! Thanks !!

  20. Jones LeFae

    Really nice dessert ideas. I would love to try those popsicles! I love fruit crisps and have a couple of them on my channel!

  21. Classy Bucks

    I Don know y i didn't have acquaintance wid u bt i feel soooo good n positive vibes frm u😄😄

  22. Heart Of Lotus

    Thank you for sharing your fudgy brownies recipe. I made it last night with walnuts instead of pecans and it is so yummy! I also used 100% dark chocolate. I toasted extra walnuts mixed with REAL Salt to sprinkle on top of each serving. Yum, yum, yum! Thank you!

  23. Pratibha Sawalkar

    I love vegan❤️❤️

  24. Bhargavi Prakash

    Sadia, could you share/post a video on making museli and granola please ..

  25. Seyma Kilic

    tried the brwonies and they are the BEST

  26. blog visiter

    The gud thing is u didn't use bicarbonate soda

  27. Diksha

    The aesthetics are out of this world beautiful. It's so so pretty that my eyes hurt.

  28. Sydney Neidigh

    I love your videos but every time you say "pee-cans" there is a mini anger explosion going on in my head. I'm from a part of the U.S. where the way you say pecan triggers someone. My grandad would always say "we don't eat pee cans we eat pecans" like (pehcahns). Sorry for the rant but that's just one of my pet peeves.

  29. Praketa Saxena

    this is so informative !

  30. Héloïse Dugas

    Hi, i was wondering if the pecan nuts can be replaced by something… ? Like are they only for taste or are they meant to change the texture of the brownie ? Because i have a nut allergic friend… ! Thx

  31. Fay Griffin

    Just made the brownies! The sweet treat I needed so yum

  32. SoniyaSaini26

    Hi, is the dark chocolate sweetened ?

  33. Andrea Ortiz

    Can I use a blender instead?

  34. Manali Shah

    I made the date walnut brownie for the office potluck 😍 i also added shredded coconut on the top. It was loved by everyone, exactly as you said ❤️

  35. Rebecca Henry

    I made the fruit crumble as an alternative to a processed dessert, they were amazing! I love how this channel makes vegan meals so simple and focus on real whole foods rather than animal product replicas. Great way to introduce vegan meals into your diet

  36. Diane Gamage

    Hi can you upload a vegan icecream recipe please …

  37. Marie D

    I just tried the brownie recipe and it was unbelievable! 😍 I also used hazelnuts instead of pecans and it kinda tasted like fudgy fererro rocher. Love it, thank you for sharing 💖

  38. Honeymagmangospoof

    Why is her voice different in this video compared to her newer videos? 🤔🤔🤔 weird


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