13 Vegan Versions Of Your Favorite Desserts


Vegan versions of your favorite desserts, from chocolate cake to key lime pie!

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  1. Drea R

    This is freakin amazing! Thank you!

  2. Jessnasty77

    Isn't white sugar white because of bone char?

  3. Penny Nolan

    Vegan to be healthy. These have too much sugar. Not healthy

  4. Zehra X

    Is oreo vegan?

  5. LittleLimaBean

    I clicked for the cookie sandwich on the thumbnail but it wasn't in the video 🙁

  6. Stonomigo

    Since when is oreo vegan?

  7. Yara Weber
  8. Static_VIP_Camry

    This doesn't work for me. I'm allergic to Peanuts. Even sunflower seeds I can't eat.

  9. Hoora Rafati

    i want all of themmmm!!!!

  10. We like Life

    The song is so annoying

  11. Maria Ele Miang

    The filling inside the Oreo, what is it made of? Cream? Milk? Or it’s just a white thing

  12. Vanessa Ahn

    0:00 Dairy Free Brownie Pie
    1:29 Vegan Chocolate Mousse
    2:04 Honeycomb Toffee
    2:55 Avocado Key Lime Pie
    4:27 Dairy Free Cashew Panna Cotta
    5:51 Vanilla Bean
    7:37 Ice Cream
    9:57 Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
    10:54 Fudgiest Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake
    13:21 Dairy Free Peach Tart
    15:10 Vegan Doughnuts
    15:52 Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie
    17:58 Cookie Dough Cheesecake

  13. Madeline Mudd

    I love how all these YouTube chefs are like “use a vanilla bean pod” THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE SIS.

  14. Carolyna Pena

    title: 13 Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Desserts

    me: oh good they have a vegan tres leches.

    watches this

    me:sigh, i thought it was my favorite desserts -_-

  15. kaylee&khia Khia

    Just got the ingredients for the chocolate vegan cake wish me luck👀psa: using gluten free flower instead bc I’m also gluten free!!

  16. Coach Filomena

    Thank you for the VEGAN treats! More of these please!

  17. Hyper Girl

    The cream in the sandwhich cookies is not vegan

  18. Ashlie Rich

    Is it just me, or 1 don't have 1 ingredient for everyyyy recipe haha

  19. lyric videos

    ah yes, my favorite dessert, vanilla bean

  20. Doyinsola Desalu

    Are ores vegan?

  21. Ella Lemmel

    if you are a vegan you don't normally drink milk…. and in some of these recipes they added milk (not almond, oat milk etc…)

  22. Celine B

    min 9:35 ok vegan ice cream looks cool!!
    min 9:39 am I a joke to u ?? did u really Think that i thought that was vegan?? thats defineatly another ice cream

  23. Win With Keshia

    Well I guess I’m going to be a fat vegan 🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. Valerie Lin

    Almost everyone is talking about the song so…

    Boi, what else do you expect me to say

  25. Arav Herunde

    Going vegan is actually so healthy for the world and wildlife because animal slaughterhouses release many green hours gases and many animals habitats are being destroyed for livestock farms it’s so sad and horrible and humans aren’t even meant to eat meat we can’t eat it raw or we don’t have fangs or claws and going vegan is healthier

  26. antonella

    2:53 wtf si queres fallecer come eso jkaksjqja

  27. Katie

    Avocado Key lime pie?

  28. · ·Wendy

    Vegans make we healthy,but the desserts are unhealthy 🙄

  29. ENGLISH COURSE for kids

    Vegan with oreon ?

  30. Sparkling daisy

    I feel like this channel is mostly vegan. I thought this channel was about healthy eating. But, its just all vegan recipes.

  31. Aᴄᴇ

    Whoever chose this song should be fired

  32. Paula Sofía Contreras

    0:14 Yup, but loaded with palm oil 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Sabrina nuke

    In the song it sounds like she's saying wacky day

  34. Saima Nayen

    That music is bothering me

  35. excusemewtf 23

    Oreos are vegan??

  36. Joel Palis


    is it just me or are these 2 completely different ice creams theyre using from shot to shot. The vegan one had a much more airy texture than the one shown in the closeup shots

  37. irisheyes317

    Whole food/organic stores should start selling aquafaba by the carton

  38. Ash 248

    Great video, tho the music’s not the best. All the recipes look amazing!

  39. Lxn A

    accutane, pocky paint!

  40. Hina Takara

    Horrible song choice really

  41. Delaney Negron

    Did those cookie sandwiches have cream In them

  42. Subhash Choubey

    make a video for vegetarians also
    there are a lot of people who are vegetarian
    make one for themm alsooo

  43. holisticmaya

    Muted this and listening to Dorothy Ashby's jazz afro harp music instead 🙂 Lovely

  44. K K

    My chocolate mousse always separates and gets yucky 🙁

  45. Curt Randall

    I had to mute this after I realized the entire 20 minutes was going to keep repeating the same loopy music.

  46. Emilia Modrusan

    This video is so confusing with the transitions

  47. Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger

    I love how there’s a variety of desserts that are easy to make and ones that require more effort. People are saying how these desserts aren’t healthy enough but if they watched the full video they would see there is a variety of healthy & “unhealthy” recipes with more processed sugar and processed foods. They all look so delicious like woah

  48. Lena Sutton

    Can you make some vegan Italian dishes?


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